Perilous Thoughts - Like A Virgin

“Almost finished, Zack,” Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto the shelf!?!” “Just about,” he answered, “I've still have some paint to restock, but other than that I'm pretty much through!!!” “Good,” she replied, “when you're all done, stop in my office for a minute, will you please!?!” “Sure thing, Miss J,” he replied, “I'll be there in ten minutes!!!” Zack had been working after school at the hardware store for about two years now, and while it wasn't the greatest part time job in the world, it did provided him with a steady income! He placed the last gallon of paint neatly onto the shelf and said to himself, “All done,” while heading off to his boss's office at the rear of the store! He gave a rap on the door frame of the open door, stuck his head inside, and asked, “You wanted to see me, ma'am!?!” “Yes,” she replied, “come in and have a seat!!!” He sat down in a chair across from her desk and waited for her to come to the point! “How long have you been working for me, Zack,” she asked?!? “About two years or so,” he replied quickly, not sure at all what she was leading up to! “And in that two years haven't I given you more and more responsibility as well as several generous raises,” she pressed on!?! “Uh, sure,” he answered slowly, “and I really appreciate it!!!” “Is that so,” she then said icily, “then how come I found this filthy magazine hidden behind some cartons in the store room!?!” His face instantly flushed red as he stammered, “Well, you see, it's like this, I was just looking at the pictures, I don't know, it just happened I guess!!!” While shaking her head from side to side she added, “It's bad enough that you have this pornography in my store, but there's more, a lot more, just look at this and explain it to me, please,” as she reached behind her and turned on a VCR machine!!!” The picture on the screen came into focus, and incredibly, it was a video tape of him masturbating while reading the same magazine his boss had found!!! “That does appear to be you masturbating in the corner behind the plumbing supplies does it not,” she said coldly!?! He was so stunned he couldn't even speak as he watched in horror as he blew his load on the video tape!!!

When he finally was able to move his lips, he asked dumbly, “How, when???????” “How,” she replied, “from a closed circuit camera hidden in the ceiling to catch thieves, and when, last Saturday afternoon when we had just closed up and you were the last one in the store!!!” “W-what are you going to do with that tape,” he asked in a fearful voice!?! “I don't know, Zack,” she replied softly, “what do you think I should do with it?!?” “Erase it,” he asked hopefully!?! After hitting the rewind button, she turned back to him and said, “Maybe I should sell it, there's a big market out there for amateur porn, especially the voyeuristic stuff!!! “Oh please, Miss J,” he whined, “I'm so sorry, I'll do anything you ask, but please don't show that tape to anyone else!!!” The tape was now rewound, and she hit the play button one more time, and just as before, there he was, beating his meat as he thumbed through the x-rated magazine!!! “I don't know,” she said doubtfully, “you have such a big cock, I have feeling this would be a big seller!!!”

Tears began to fill his eyes, as real panic set in, she was really gonna do it, what would his folks say!?! He was sharply brought back to reality when she offered, “There is one way that I might consider getting rid of the tape!!!” “What way,” he asked excitedly, “anything, just name it!?!” “You know I'm not married,” she said softly, “the store here takes up all of my time, so my social life is pretty much nil!” He nodded his head, while wondering what in the heck she was driving at!!!” Now it was her turn to stumble on her words as she continued, “So, I was thinking, that maybe, what I want you to do, is show me your penis and let me touch it!!!” “Y-you want me to take my pants off and let you touch me,” he asked incredulously, “and if I let you you'll give me the tape!?! Nodding her head in the affirmative she replied, “That's it, that's all I want!!!” While Judith wasn't the best looking woman in the world, any inexperienced eighteen year old would have been more than happy to oblige such a request, so he replied quickly, “When!?!” “Right now,” she replied, “everyone else is gone for the evening!!!” Slowly standing up, Zack unbuttoned his jeans and let them slide to the floor, he was of course, already erect!!!

“Oh, my,” she said under her breath as she stared at his hard thickness, “you have a very large penis for such a young man, how long is it!?!” “I'm not sure,” he replied softly, “I've never measured it!!!” Reaching down to her belt, she produced a tape measure and motioned him to come to her and said, “Well, it's time we found out just how big you really are!!!” Her hand was warm as she held his erection firmly while laying the tape along the top of his cock and measuring from his abdomen to the tip of his head!!! “My goodness,” she gasped, “eight and a quarter inches, I've never seen one this large, it's fantastic!!!” “Are you a virgin,” she asked softly?!? “Y-yes,” he replied with a shaky voice, “I'm ashamed to say!!!” “Oh, no,” she admonished him, “don't be ashamed, you're still so young, there's plenty of time for you to find a nice girl, and believe me, she'll just fall in love with you penis!!!” “Do you really think so,” he asked hopefully!?! “I'm sure of it,” she answered, “in fact, she will probably do this right away as soon as she sees it,” as she let her mouth engulf the velvety head!!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” he moaned, “t-that feels so good, I-I can't believe it!!!” Judith hungrily worked her mouth up and down the thick shaft, even once or twice taking his nut sack into her mouth and gently caressing it with her tongue!!! He looked down at her while she was sucking him, and seeing the look on her face, he suddenly realized that as much as he wanted her to suck his cock, she wanted to suck it even more, and that in reality, he was the one in control, not her!!! “Do you know what I think, ” he asked smoothly!?! “What,” she asked between licks on his smooth head!?! “That if you want to keep sucking my dick,” he said more forcefully, “that you show me your big tits!!!” She was a bit taken aback at his nasty mouth, but obediently, she shucked her red hardware store shirt, to reveal large breasts resting comfortably in a low cut black lace bra!!! “Oh, god,” he groaned when her shirt slid away, “t-there beautiful, and so huge!!!” “Big tits for a big dick,” she opined, “how would you like me to take off my bra!?!” “Oh yes,” he begged, “show me, let me see them!!!” “Can you unhook me,” she asked sweetly, while turning away from him?!? With trembling fingers he tried desperately to unclasp the hooks that held the lacy garment together, but he was all thumbs and she finally had to reach around and do it for herself!!!

It was a very erotic sight, the eighteen year old standing there with his huge erection, and the middle aged woman with her bra half on teasing him as she let it slide a millimeter at a time off of her luscious chest!!! Now the tables had turned once again, and it was Judith who had the upper hand!!! Zack was becoming almost apoplectic as the slow moving gauzy black material exposed more and more tit flesh, until her dark pink nipples came into view!!! Seeing he was in a state of delirium, she teased him by covering and uncovering her hard nipples in a makeshift strip show!!! “Do like mama's little boobies,” she teased!?! “Oh, god,” he gasped, “t-they're huge, and your nipples are really hard, god it looks good to me, I think I'm gonna cum!!!” That was one thing Judith hadn't thought about, and since Zack was so new to the sex game, just the mere sight of her big tits might actually induce and orgasm, and of course, that is exactly what happened, as his big cock spasmed hard and sent a gusher of hot cum splashing all over her big tits and nipples!!!

“Wow,” he said in wonderment, “it's real hairy isn't it, and it smells funny too!!!” She giggled a little and replied, “Most men like their woman to have a hairy pussy, and that smell, well, it just means that I'm sexually aroused, and once you get your mouth and nose up next to it, you'll find out that it's the best aroma in the world!!!” “I feel all funny inside just looking at it,” he said, “I don't know why, but I have an unbelievable urge to put my mouth on it, is that crazy of me!?!” “Oh, no,” she said reassuringly, “that just means you're a normal man who loves pussy, now be a good boy and give me a nice big kiss right on my crack!!!” Gingerly he moved his head closer to her bulging organ, and just as she had said, the closer he got, the more enticing it was becoming!!! “It's like a magnet,” he said softly, “I really want to taste it, here goes!!!” “Oh, that's nice,” she sighed as his virgin tongue made contact with her open slit, “you have a wonderful mouth, Zack, you're going to make some little girl very happy!!!” With her words of encouragement spurring him one, he probed deeper and more insistently into her now drenched sex, which changed her sigh into a low guttural moan!!! “Suck my pussy, boy,” she panted, “show me what a good little cunt lapper you can be!!!” “It was incredible,” he though to himself, “by merely tonguing her sweet vagina, not only was he driving her crazy, but his own pecker, which only a few minutes earlier had spewed a volcano of cum, was now hard as the proverbial rock and ready to shoot all over again!!!” The power that these fur covered wonders held over the male of the species was truly undeniable, and he was finding that out big time!!!

“Zack,” Judith asked in a shallow voice, “could you do me one more favor?!?” “What,” he repliedhe looked at her with his pussy juice covered face?!?” “Could you please give me a good boning,” she whispered hoarsely, my pussy is just frantic to be filled by your big hot cock!?!” Again mother nature took over, and even though he was a neophyte, he easily slammed his big piece of cock meat hard into the older woman's needy sex organ!!! As it was his first time, and she hadn't been fucked in over two months, and never by such a prodigious pecker, both of them moaned in unison as the Zack drove his dick in and out of her helpless cunt!!! Like riding a whirlwind, it was unbelievably exhilarating to give total control to your sex organs and let them race together towards an orgasm that was sure to shake you to your soul!!! Zack watched as his cock plowed in and out of Judith's hair pie at a frightening pace, and even as excited as he was, wondered how a woman's pussy could take such a brutal beating, but much to his disbelief, she not only was taking it, she was begging him to fuck her harder!!! Cock and pussy, pussy and cock, they went together like ham and eggs or Ruth and Gehrig, it just seemed like they were made for each other, either alone is fine, but together they made sweet music!!! The tension in their crotches rose to a fever pitch until both of them were running on a ragged line between anticipation and ecstasy, and it only took a slight nudge to push them over the edge!!! Zack let loose with a groan that shook the entire office, which of course signaled Judith's pussy that it was also her time to release all that pent up tension that had been building for almost half and hour now!!! Zack's cock unleashed a torrent of hot cum into Judith's demanding cunt, while at the same time, she wrapped her legs around the young man's ass, as if to lock him in place until her orgasm was passed!!!

Two extremely draining orgasms in the space of fifteen minutes had left him almost helpless, and as a result, he collapsed on top of her, panting like a steam engine as he tried to regain his lost breath!!! “T-that was unreal,” he offered as his blood pressure began to come down, “I never realized how good a woman's pussy could feel, I don't think my dick has ever been this happy!!!” As the thick spike that had just assaulted her slipped form her gaping cunt, she replied, “Well, I think that about twice a week should be enough to keep it satisfied, don't you!?!”


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