(Komachi 3) [Web Knight (Naitou Satoshi)] Mugen Sakuya (Touhou Project)

Swallowing anxiously she flickered through the channels until she found the one she wanted, the striking black letters on a vibrant yellow background telling her all she needed to know. Stripper I Envy Harlem! Secondary Erotic Image… She whispered to herself, almost doubled over as she doubtless drew a couple of glance, breathing harder than she should for an innocent commuter, her cheeks flushed a crimson red.

Hentai: (Komachi 3) [Web Knight (Naitou Satoshi)] Mugen Sakuya (Touhou Project)

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(東方不敗小町3) [ウェブ乃藤 (乃藤悟志)]ムゲンサクヤ(東方Project)

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