[Mugen@WORKS (Akiduki Akina)] Kongou Icha Colle (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Digital]

” He says one respect and two that when they choose a mate or mates you do it for life it’s like a bond I mean some fail and sometimes you just want sex and that’s fine but when you choose that person or persons as a mate it’s for life and since all the races are immortal it’s a good thing and I’m happy you guys picked each other griffin. Both of us are laying there panting and I sense that they are coming back into the room so I stand up still in her and faze us into our quarters shower room and turn on the hot water and start to clean each other off and have another sensuous moment of foreplay and Cumming together in the shower and after we clean up I of course activate my armor and when I bring the helmet on as well it tells me that it has adapted to the last injury and has now quadrupled the armor strength and as long as I don’t lose focus it won’t get damaged again unless I fight a stronger person or object I respond with nice and I ask it how it is and it replies that it was concerned about me and it is happy I’m well and is waiting for our next adventure ( 98% of all of our comps and machines have artificial intelligence that includes armors , ships , fighters , mobile suits , and even houses and buildings)I reply me to and make the helmet retract and I give Amiko a kiss and a hug and say that I’m returning to the bridge and she dawns a still very sexy nurse outfit that is the basic one foe the nurse crew and goes to the med lab and helps the docs.

Hentai: [Mugen@WORKS (Akiduki Akina)] Kongou Icha Colle (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Digital]

Kongou Icha Colle 1Kongou Icha Colle 2Kongou Icha Colle 3Kongou Icha Colle 4Kongou Icha Colle 5Kongou Icha Colle 6Kongou Icha Colle 7Kongou Icha Colle 8Kongou Icha Colle 9Kongou Icha Colle 10Kongou Icha Colle 11Kongou Icha Colle 12Kongou Icha Colle 13Kongou Icha Colle 14Kongou Icha Colle 15Kongou Icha Colle 16Kongou Icha Colle 17Kongou Icha Colle 18Kongou Icha Colle 19Kongou Icha Colle 20Kongou Icha Colle 21Kongou Icha Colle 22Kongou Icha Colle 23Kongou Icha Colle 24Kongou Icha Colle 25Kongou Icha Colle 26Kongou Icha Colle 27Kongou Icha Colle 28

[むげん@WORKS (秋月秋名)]金剛いちゃこれ(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [DL版]

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